About Us

Rawaea group of companies have started with its full operations in Dubai – the United Arab Emirates in various commodities, serving customers in UAE, Middle East, Africa, Indian sub-continent the Far East and Europe. The area of the services includes General Trading, Information Technology, Facility Management and Technical Solutions.

The group is built with an amalgam of qualified professionals on board and advanced technology in hand. Our management team with decades of experience in the fields always leads our hordes on the right track to offer you great services. Our proficient and qualified team of employees always assures our clients receive the best services and solutions from our company. In all our services we use the cutting edge technologies to make sure our customers are receiving the best solutions.

Rawaea’s viewpoint has been clear-cut to give a quick and predictable supply of materials dealing with security, maintenance, and commercial supplies while giving the kind of service we ourselves might want to get. General Trading LLC deals with the general trading of different products like medical consumables, stationery products, general disposables, industrial spare parts, safety products etc. catering to clients in UAE, Middle East, Africa, India and Europe.

The real focal point of the organization is in industrial products providing extraordinary items and services together with: Construction Material and Equipment’s, Light and Heavy Duty Machinery Ductile Pipes and Fittings, Valves, Cables, Energy saving items, Pumps spare parts, Office Stationery, Medical Consumables, Office Supplies, Custom made items in Steel, Aluminum, Cleaning things and some more. Rawaea General Trading LLC has encountered quick development throughout the years because of our unmatched customized benefit.

Rawaea based in Dubai is established to extensively fulfill our customer demands, which are the key to our success. Our technical services focus on areas including technical contracting and maintenance for buildings, villas, and apartments. We possess the facility of providing specialized skilled manpower and offers technical project management support to our clientele. The core technical services we offer include steel fabrications, Architectural metal works and Gold plating, Interior designing, Sealing and partitioning etc.

What make Rawaea unique are the values of our organization. We work for customer satisfaction with integrity and commitment in all phases of the business. Our team has years of experience in providing tech solutions, which forms the inner strength of our company. We always offer the most reasonable price in the industry for our services and ensure the quality consistently. We excel in our technical services together with the constant improvement in our processes and recruitment.

Rawaea Information Technology is a professional software/hardware services association offering expert answers for businesses. We have the knowledge to comprehend our client’s issues, ability to think about the best solution and skills to convey these answers for enable our customers to respond efficiently to the regularly developing needs of their businesses.

Our portfolio of services encompasses Network management services, IP Phones and Systems, CCTV solutions and Network access point etc. for a more efficient and streamlined customer experience. We need our customers’ associations with their clients to be quick, productive, and cost-effective. At Rawaea, we place a high value on establishing long-term relationships with our clients. We trade products with a persistent focus on things like reducing effort, expanding ease of use, associating disjointed interactions and processes. Rawaea makes it available to clients of various kinds in the cloud.